The memorial will not be formally conceptualized until half the projected funding is raised, approximately $150,000 (the budget may adjust when the final plan is accepted). The location has been agreed upon with the City of Victoria and is the corner of Main and Forrest Streets, the north east corner of De Leon Park, also known as De Leon Plaza. The Six Flags and red granite Founders Monument will serve as a back drop to the couple’s monument which will include both Martín de León and his wife, Patricia de la Garza, Founders of Victoria.

Monument Site

The monument will consist of two larger than life bronze figures, situated on a raised matching red granite block, fit to scale within the space located behind the “Calle de los Diez Amigos” marker and in front of the Six Flags, Founders Monument.

Target completion for the monument is April 2024, marking the 200th year of Victoria’s founding.

Call for Artists

Founders Monument - DeLeon Plaza, Victoria, TX

If you are a sculptor and are interested in rendering a bid for this project, you may want to start thinking of your design now. Bids will be requested at or around the time $150,000 is raised.

Continue to watch this, and relative sites, for progress and possible suggestions for conceptual traits your final rendering would want to portray.

Design will be decided on by the Board with input from the family and the community.

The budget was projected utilizing the experience of a similar project, and is subject to change when the design is decided.